Aikido is a modern martial art based on the principle of "Aiki" and emphasising harmony and non-violence, yet directly related to the Bujutsu methods used by the Samurai warrior.

Welcome to the Makotokan Aikido website.  We are a small, friendly group based in Carshalton, Surrey, practising Yoshinkan aikido. Please follow the page links to find out more about us and the martial art we practice. We have an open door policy and new beginners are welcome anytime

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Makotokan Aikido
           Affiliated to Goryukai Aikido Yoshinkan
                            New Beginners Course
Come and learn the basics of Yoshinkan aikido and improve your fitness,balance, effective use
of power and confidence. Train like the Tokyo Riot Police! Our new, 6 lesson beginners course
commences on Wednesday 29th April, cost  30. The course is open to all over the age of 16yrs
and culminates in a test for the grade of 7th Kyu.
                                 Call us on 07969 650296 to register your interest.
New Beginners Course
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